Thursday, 6 August 2009

zara autumn/winter women collection


zara surely brought us a collection that contains key pieces of all the runways that we've seen this fall...

i saw balmain's slim paint with masculine jacket, a bit puff shoulder in dolce and marc jacob show, military jacket in vuitton runway and givenchy or alexander wang's sharp shoulder detail. as well as bit fur coat and vest in karl lagerfeld and alesandro dell'acqua... they of course won't forget the over-knee boot which was all over the place this winter...

i finally saw a fur vest that is selling on high st. now!! yeah!!

zara阿zara 真的非常厲害...當我看到這一季他們的衣服時

有balmain的帥氣合身褲配中性外套(特點就是那兩個墊肩),一點dolce和marc jacob走秀上的泡泡肩,vuitton的軍式扣外套,givenchy和alexander wang的尖肩頭洋裝,有點karl lagerfeld和alessandro dell'acqua的皮草元素。當然還有這個秋冬最流行的膝上靴...

這個秋冬主要的,必要的,想要的 一次都給了
再來點亮片,丹寧布和絲質料的單品... zara..你給了我們整個秋冬的焦點

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  1. just saw the fur vest @ zara.. priced £115 and it is a bit disappointed after tried it on..