Tuesday, 30 November 2010

issey miyaki 132.5 coll3ction


i am totally in love with its geometric style!!!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

clutch is the new fashion toy


moi bff, s, showed me this music video another day.. i instantly fall in love with the mood and it's styling in this video.. the last white dress reminds me a lot of my margiela black dress..

absolutely love the fake eyelash n make up!!! have to try it someday!!! will definitely post up here~

i also proudly announce that my bff "s" will work with me on the fashion blog, intruding some men's style as well as fashion news that im too busy to catch up with~ yay!!

:: chris habana accessory collection

::: chris habana necklace x top designed by richard

hey gurls... i am terribly sorry that i have literally no time to update fashion news as im overwhelmed by art history and theory reading for my postgraduate course at christie's.. tho my current life has very less to do with fashion, my passion toward fashion never die out.. just like now im posting my new toy that i just got from frankie yesterday..

this awesome cubical necklace is from chris habana ss10 woman's collection, called cage quartz necklace. when i first saw it online, i knew that is something i have to have. so after googling and checking on all the stockists n fashion online store without succeeding the mission of getting one, i wrote to frankie who works with chris habana on his collection. luckily enough, the showroom still has one sample piece left which they could offer to sale. frankie is kindly enough to mail me another piece from chris habana and 2 pieces from erin wasson(pyramid necklace and a bone chained bracelet)

it's not a news that accessory is a key item to complete a look, i can totally wear a plain t-shirt or an event dress with a chris habana piece to give a touch of personality. when i got home and saw my flatmate's, richard, drape work, using fabrics for suits, mixed with fur n wool, gives a classic elegant, but the detail blended in quirky, sexy-ness. i thought it's perfect to match the necklace, sexy masculine style...