Thursday, 29 October 2009

we r independent women!! yet still fashionable~

: figaro / ginza / vogue

masculine style is a hot trend..
women with trouser is projecting tough? independent? or sexy? stylish?

when coco chanel first introduced the idea of woman wearing trousers, it totally changed the perspective toward female fashion, and allows women nowadays have more styling options..

woman with trouser doesn't just proclaim independent and self-conscious as a female, but also, not perceived as a tom boy, becomes a more attractive and sexy woman...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

six scents 『 series Ⅱ 』

: seven new york

這次six scents又推出第二個系列,以和六位設計師合作,創造出獨特且代表性的香味。

透過嗅覺,而非一貫的視覺,來代表各個設計師,將品牌個性做出完美的意境結合。除了極簡的瓶身搭配six scents風格的graphic,這是不同於第一系列單純只使用數字,還以幾何圖形及由嗅覺渲染出的影像,更強烈加強各個設計師的態度。

喜歡非主流設計師的,肯定對這次six scents 合作的設計師感到無比興奮 :
no.1. collage by philip lim (i wore one of his dress today for my mommy's birthday party)
no.2. ende / anfang by damir doma ( i can't believe this!!!!! damir doma!!!)
no.3. solar donkey power by henrik vibskov ( omg!!! get out of here)
no.4. smell by henry holland
no.5. nicoll 17 by richard nicoll
no.6. whiskey caramelise by toga (love toga and my toga dress)

看整體系列的香精,除了holland collection,皆屬於木質為基調,點綴一些果香及草香做出層次。感覺是個低調,沈靜的香水系列。

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

ato lombardini ∥ italian designer

: ato lombardini fall 2009

italian design always appear very feminine and elegant silhouette, but ato lombardini as an contemporary italian designer surprisingly utilized chain, leopard, stud belt to create very modern and stylish look...

totally love the jumpsuit with the chain belt( the belt is included with the purchase!! isn't it great!! ).. every single look are definitely wearable and trendy ★ ★ ★ ★
義大利女裝設計通常都讓人想到valentino那種凸顯女體曲線,優雅又嬌柔的設計,但是ato lombardini卻意外的設計出非常紐約風格的設計。2009秋冬他運用鏈子,豹紋還有卯釘皮帶設計出非常現代,流行又前衛的collection

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

futuristic trend \ coming up

: internet

i like these metallic strip bracelet, ring or ankle strip shoe detail...

i think '10/11 fall' trend might change from heavy metal rock style to futuristic, element like metallic strip or metallic embroidery.. actually this trend is already appearing in this season's collection..

also see:

Monday, 12 October 2009

roll up | chopped pants

: jak&jill

masculine lady is totally the new femininity now.. it won't appear a wanna-be-a-guy look, but , instead, will show a sexy and individual mood...

rag & bone and band of outsider have some roll-up or chopped pant included in this season's collection..

this fringe hoodie rocks!!!

i totally love this fringe hoodie by costume dept.
it is sold at 80's purple for $ 174

l.o.v.e i.t.........
already thinking how i can play with the fringe on the hood~

rodarte shoe by louboutin

: jak&jull

i don't really understand what rodarte did for this season... but i definitely love what louboutin did for rodarte this season |\\||

skinny flamingos

one of the symptoms of fashion week is most of fashion websites will be full of models pix after or before the fashion show... the way they style will also become a hottest topic at media and fashion blogs..

here are some pix with models wearing skinny jeans.. i would really like to have one of balmain skinny jeans!!!! i love balmain !

lace lace lace~ more lace

there is not just lace top, there are lace glove, lace bra, lace tights, lace top, lace trim, lace sark... lace lace lace

trend re-cap ∥ pee-ka-toe & cutoff trend

i posted something about this trend in july (see pee-ka-poo
in 2010 ss show, this shoe that "showing front toes" style can be seen at most of the shows

之前我spot pee-ka-toe的style.. (參考 : pee-ka-poo
2010 春夏秀,pee-ka-toe在許多的秀都有出現..

註解: pee-ka-po的toes 就是pee-ka-toe,我自己發明的,噗

as well as these cutoff style is spotted at several major designer's show..(see : cutoff trend

其實這次春夏的秀有非常多cutoff(挖剪)的設計,是09秋冬設計的延伸 (參考: cutoff trend

MJ | the king of pop < i want you back!!

最近去看男女生了沒(ugly truth)還有極限遊戲(gamer)都有看到“michael jackson's this is it“ 預告片。一直被他的style所吸引住。他在裡面穿亮皮緊身牛仔褲和military jacket,經典的studded accessory...太多讓人啟發的造型。尤其他私底下穿一些女裝設計師的衣服,像balmain,givenchy,balenciaga,都非常好看!

he is the truth fashion icon!!
mj, i want you back !!!!