Wednesday, 14 October 2009

ato lombardini ∥ italian designer

: ato lombardini fall 2009

italian design always appear very feminine and elegant silhouette, but ato lombardini as an contemporary italian designer surprisingly utilized chain, leopard, stud belt to create very modern and stylish look...

totally love the jumpsuit with the chain belt( the belt is included with the purchase!! isn't it great!! ).. every single look are definitely wearable and trendy ★ ★ ★ ★
義大利女裝設計通常都讓人想到valentino那種凸顯女體曲線,優雅又嬌柔的設計,但是ato lombardini卻意外的設計出非常紐約風格的設計。2009秋冬他運用鏈子,豹紋還有卯釘皮帶設計出非常現代,流行又前衛的collection

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