Monday, 10 January 2011

barbara|gongini @ oaknyc

oh my god!! my fav designer barbara|gongini.. i still remember i went to visit diana brinks's store at copenhagen and bought one of her leather vest(which i can barely afforded) since then, whenever i wear that vest to london boutique, there will be ppl come up and ask me about the vest.. i guess, the money i've paid is totally worth it...

today was browsing oak website and saw this fantastic photo shoot of barbara's collection, i have to post it up a.s.a.p

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

::: sandra backlund aw10

::: sandra backlund aw10

sandra backlund has been my all time fav fashion designer. she always shows her perfect skill in creating geometric form in her clothes, by playing variety choice of garments. still remember her last collection used knitwear to present geometrical shape, which is simply a stunning collection. surprisingly she used light and thin fabric for her aw collection, it does appear a bit like spring/summer rather than autumn/winter.