Friday, 31 July 2009

words of wisdom

: internet

working in fashion industry seems like glamourous and fashionable, such as attending all the fashion shows and parties, meeting unrealistic celebrities and stars.. but after my education in fashion management, there are a lot of pressure and required skill in fashion industry..

anna wintour gave some word of wisdom regarding working in fashion industry, which i saw at today. basically she is commenting on the difference in reality tv show and the actual reality, in terms of working in fashion industry.

"don't go too fast, because of reality television, everyone imagines they can just be a fashion designer, photographer, or model. that's not the way things go. learn your craft."
"do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. you just need to have a love for what you're doing. it's not about thinking that it's the cool thing; it's about really believing in it."
learn your craft... it dawns on me that if you want to do something, do it well, professionally and consistently, just like those respectable paris fashion houses.. i found her words r so true and i want to share with you..

lily allen + chanel handbag

: internet

wow, what is going on here.... first modonna is fronting for louis vuitton handbag, and now... lily allen with chanel??!!

when i first heard she is going to be fronting chanel's handbag campaign,
i thought this much be a fun combination: a pop star and luxury couture brand, especially chanel always project a sophisticated, classic and elegant image... who will ever come up with the idea of inviting a young pop star to represent the brand.

when the images came out, it is quite good actually..
lily allen is like a playful princess with diamond coronet, ruffled collar-band or wrist accessory, but also add some personality by styling with sunglasses and leather blazer..

the new sportswear bag and accessory line of chanel is called chanel cocoon and it will be launch on october 3rd..

i quite like the big puffy handbag, but if i only got limited budget, i will save up some more for a quilt leather chanel signature purse, of course~

什麼..繼瑪丹娜為LV拍攝兩季的平面廣告後,現在lily allen這個英國流行歌手要幫香奈爾拍攝他們新的運動系列(chanel cocoon)的平面廣告!

其實當這些照片在27號出來的時候,感覺就是lily allen是個淘氣的公主: 鑽石的頭冠,套裝,褶飾的領口和手環都有帶出了香奈爾的經典;然後又以墨鏡和皮製套裝外套營造種有個性的態度,這些造就了香奈爾和pop star- lily allen 的2009香奈爾春夏平面的大融合

chanel cocoon會在十月三號開始販售,喜歡這個系列(或它的價格)的人,趕快買一個吧

maison michel fall 2009

: maison michel fall 09 collection

maison michel是之前為高級製訂和成衣設計師,如chanel, lanvin, givenchy, nina ricci, christian larcroix,製作帽子的手工工坊。目前是chanel旗下的設計工坊。

2009 秋冬的產品目錄是由karl lagerfeld掌鏡,milla jovovich, sara pivovarova擔任主要的model..當然還有一些像eric wasson, heidi mount也出現在目錄裡..

整個collection透過karl拍攝的方式呈現出非常舒服,很有法國的感覺。異於倫敦 edgy,紐約quirky的風格。有種感覺是拍攝人像照一般,還有請母子和夫妻一起參與拍照,更加深maison michel這個品牌是可以融入生活,並讓你因為戴上造型的帽子而加深個人特色..

sorry 我寫完後看我選的照片都有點太商業了..可以去他的網站看整個collection,很多是真的很舒服,很像人像照的感覺

Thursday, 30 July 2009

tribal chic

dress: zero+maria cornejo @ la garconne
bangle + stud clutch + stud moccasin sandal: topshop
shoulder bag: stella mccartney @ matchesfashion

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

chanel model can eat and taiwanese model can't

: id magazine february 2009

i haven't posted anything for 3 days..
actually there are bits and pieces that i wanted to post (like my new moccasin, sandra bucklund, some styling ideas..)
and i do still regularly read fashion news everyday
but there's lack of motivation to do anything..
i think it's because i want to post something about d&g set up a branding website, but i lost the link and can't find it no matter what.. and this is the news i want to post more than anything else

anyway, today i saw a news about an interview of freja beha erichsen for w magazineon the internet. what she said makes me want to post it up here coz i think it is quite amusing..

"at most shows, they don't actually feed us that much, but at chanel there's a full buffet and everything is really good." she said

the reason why i want to posst is because i just saw a tv talk show which was talking about models and their weight control. an executive of a model agency in taiwan commented that a model should totally strictly control their weight. it will be lack of profession and is not respecting modeling as a career. another model mentioned that she was condemned that she was fat as hell, and from what i can see, she is very skinny compared with general.

i don't see models on chanel shows are fat as hell. i know when you want people work for you and present as best as they can, you have to make them happy first. food, especially delicious food, is always the best treat! (definitely not a comment like being fat as hell)

Sunday, 26 July 2009


: internet

well.. i know the big hit this fall is thigh high boot.. i did mention this in my prior post
however, im not a big fan of it...

here i post another style which increasingly appearing on fashion websites..
it's boot or wedge with wider open at the toes part
the wedge one i post here is really cute, isn't it



i want one denim vest

: dsquared fall 09

i wanted to buy one denim vest but hasn't achieved it..
saw some denim vest in mango and zara but not quite what i want
but i think there will be more coming out this fall..

anyway.. here is some styling idea for denim vest that i like very much..
i quite like it, especially the one that wears another fur vest outside of it
it's brilliant.. don't you think..



Saturday, 25 July 2009

tribal on vogue teen

: cyanatrendland

just posted indian style feather accessory yesterday and thought it is not quite a popular trend
i don't read fashion magazines, i only read spur, sometimes so-en..
and today, i saw on cyanatrendland had a post talking about vogue teen/ tribal mash-up story
tribal(exotic) element was really popular last summer, but more like india inspired..

the shoe im thinking to buy is actually called moccasins, it looks like the first pic i posted here

才po了印第安風格的羽毛飾品 然後覺得這不是一個很流行的趨勢
因為除了spur (非常偶而會看裝苑),我並不看fashion雜誌的

所以今天偶然在看網路的時候看到vogue teen出了一刊是風靡部落的故事
讓我看到原來我想買的那個鞋子的英文叫 moccasin


stella mccartney in disney land

: cyana

just talked about alice in wonderland,
here is another key inspiration in contemporary fashion - disney land characters
high street retailer, such as urban outfitter, uni clo, even next, have used childhood cartoon character for fashion products

and designer now also starting extended into this trend..
shoppers who ever went pass stella mccartney's store on bruton st can see its cute window display, the window is packed with toys.. this ad campaign featured disney character, bambi, is absolutely cool.. it projected a girly, romantic but also maintain sexiness.. very stella mccartney style..

剛剛我們說了alice in wonderland是很好的題材
其實和disney的簽約製作各家品牌的disney tshirt已經不是大件事

有來過英國stella mccartney的店面的人
真的很有stella mccartney的個性

ahhh.. ahhh.. ahhh..alice in wonderland by tim burton

: cyanatrendland

oh my god... the movie that i've waited since it's on production is finally released trailer
look at the custom and styling !!! i really can't wait to see the alice in wonderland by tim burton

i searched for the trailer for a long time, youtube is just full of film clips called official alice by wonderland by tim burton, but actually are all self-edited ones, or posted but got removed later..

here is the trailer

: furla

alice in wonderland is really popular inspiration
the mv 'what you waiting for' is another good example of using alice in wonderland as inspiration ( click here for music video / full version )

furla collaborates with leitmotiv for furla 'alice in wonderland' capsule collection, created by fabio sasso and juan caro..

i like it how they use alice in wonderland as inspiration, but using their way to present it. so it doesn't really look like alice in wonderland at the first glance..

像是gwen stefani的what you waiting for的mv就是一個例子

現在furla和leitmotiv一起合作了一款alice in wonderland的collection 也是以這個有名的兒童故事作為題材
我喜歡的是他們以他們獨特的方式呈現,而讓人不會乍看之下就覺得是alice in wonderland

Friday, 24 July 2009

isabel marant fall 09

: isabel marant runway

while i preparing spring 10, i found i ignore this designer for fall 09 - isabel marant

this collection is super wearable, i can even sense some street look in her collection
it's a bit laid-back, a bit like some independent girl will wear..
i love the fur coat in this collection,
as well as the studded ankle boot( it quite match with any style, don't you think )

the shimmery trouser with knee high boot is awesome( i just got a silk trouser @ b store, must try this style someday )

comme des garconne black

: psfk

this is actually quite old news, i was at vacation in turkey so missed this news
but for those who hasn't known yet,
here it is

shoppers who like deconstructed or simplistic design will love these cdg black items
the t-shirt, the skirt pant, the trouser, the bag... i love them all

the store is located on 10th ave. @ nyc,
but collett also carries some of their collection

comme des garconne black的店在紐約開幕了喔(6/22開幕的)
照片裡的t shirt,裙子,褲子和包包我都好喜歡..

feather feather fly fly fly..

: surface to air
: owlita
: yes vincent

: my collection feather pin

it's not really a trend spotting post..
just saw recently some accessory designers using feather for inspiration

and i just happened to bought this cute collection feather pin around april
also going to buy a fringe suede, indian style ankle boot at poste mistress @ covert garden

not really see indian is a trend this season..
but i thought indian fringe boot is kind of match to hot trend now
such as bottomless shirt or denim short
still thinking to buy a trendy studded boot or this indian fringe boot~



mm 0 - artisanal collection


martin margiela artisanal collection is a handmade collection by reworking garments
so each of them is one of the only..
this collection is named mm 0

sorry if the pix are a bit too small to clearly see the detail
the detail is absolutely amazing and his collection is just so individual and unique
being away from trends, he creates his own signature fashion design which no one can copy

nail polish rocks

: usluair

remember i posted something about neon nail polish?

i went to selfridges quite a few times to look for some cute nail polish
but i can't really find one that really fits what i wanted

now check out.. they got quite a collection of fun colors
i will definitely buy some from here!!

(點我點我 有可愛的霓虹指甲油!!)

mama's in town

: me

sorry for not posting anything for days...
moi mama was here for my graduation ceremony
i hardly got time to update my blog and took mama around london and some other cities..

here's some of the pix of my daily outfit..

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


: my graduation outfit

: haha.. our kitchen and my boy friend's rubbish tank top

fashion talk- vivienne westwood

: bbc

vivienne westwood had an interview with johnathon ross on friday night on 07/10/09
she talked about how investment fashion is important
and in that way you can create more unique look, not just a 'fashion copy-cat'

i thought this topic already been discussing since economic downturn
and people are more careful on their spending
consumers rather invest at some expensive or sustainable items than disposable fashion
i am doing the same thing, in fact..
and i found out i could mix-n-match more individual looks than i used to be..
like at my graduation ceremony..
i wear a b-store laced up shoes, balenciaga bag with my boyfriend's rubbish tank top
it's fun and economic..

designer collection goes mini @ colette

: grazia

colette always set an example of being one of the top cutting edge stores
this weekend they will miniatures of sell jason wu's fall collection

it would be so nice to be able to collect those glamourous(but expensive) runway clothes
at a fordable price for £185
it might be still pricy, but for jason wu's fans.. it will be worthy

Saturday, 11 July 2009

more is more

: refinery 29

quickly skim through haute couture this year
givenchy's collection is totally caught my attention
it's metal exaggerative accessory is absolutely stunning

this also draw a important trend started from spring 09
like what i mentioned previously, thigh high boot was all over this fall 09 collections
this quite match the metal, masculine element of this season

there are also a lot of embroidery and additional design details
such as diamond embroidery on tights, studded gloves
and this post i would like to post some excessive metal accessory which i got it from givenchy's couture show


我在09春夏的trend spot中 飾品還有裝飾設計就是其中一個元素
延續秋冬的元素 就是這篇post的重點 - 重金屬誇張飾品

Friday, 10 July 2009

lace said.. here i come

: fashion squid

this summer, we talked about roll up trouser, studs, sequins..
now lace is saying don't forget me!!!!!

neon neon summer go


fashion squid

there are a lot of things that i missed during these 2 weeks..
such as... karl stated he will not leaving chanel and he was going to die with his boot on
this ceased the rumor about lanvin, chanel, karl.. blah blah blah

this summer.. a lot of bright, neon nail polish appeal on some looks
one day i was waiting for bus and there was a very cute girl with neon green nail polish on her feet..
i thought it was really cute
then i started to notice several neon nail polish on the market..
i actually tried some neon yellow on one of my friend and it is absolutely suitable for summer
for those who doesn't want to buy a neon accessory or shoe for a summer fad.. nail polish is a great choice

今天好友告訴我 uncle karl澄清了之前他要離開chanel的流言

就play with it! 在搭配素素的衣服上 可以跳脫出一些鮮豔的造型

turkey trip

something else over sized top + diesel short

acne tank top + all saints swim suit

oaknyc over sized t-shirt dress

mike&chris top + diesel short

something else tank top + diesel short

some random dress that i bought @ brick lane for £20(i like it a lot, can't really see the detail from the photo.. but the skirt is a bit puffy )

vennesa bruno cardi + lux tank top + hugo boss orange short

there are more photos in my facebook photo album.. but more like scenery photos.. turkey is really a beautiful and attractive place... going there next summer again!!