Saturday, 11 July 2009

more is more

: refinery 29

quickly skim through haute couture this year
givenchy's collection is totally caught my attention
it's metal exaggerative accessory is absolutely stunning

this also draw a important trend started from spring 09
like what i mentioned previously, thigh high boot was all over this fall 09 collections
this quite match the metal, masculine element of this season

there are also a lot of embroidery and additional design details
such as diamond embroidery on tights, studded gloves
and this post i would like to post some excessive metal accessory which i got it from givenchy's couture show


我在09春夏的trend spot中 飾品還有裝飾設計就是其中一個元素
延續秋冬的元素 就是這篇post的重點 - 重金屬誇張飾品

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