Friday, 10 July 2009

neon neon summer go


fashion squid

there are a lot of things that i missed during these 2 weeks..
such as... karl stated he will not leaving chanel and he was going to die with his boot on
this ceased the rumor about lanvin, chanel, karl.. blah blah blah

this summer.. a lot of bright, neon nail polish appeal on some looks
one day i was waiting for bus and there was a very cute girl with neon green nail polish on her feet..
i thought it was really cute
then i started to notice several neon nail polish on the market..
i actually tried some neon yellow on one of my friend and it is absolutely suitable for summer
for those who doesn't want to buy a neon accessory or shoe for a summer fad.. nail polish is a great choice

今天好友告訴我 uncle karl澄清了之前他要離開chanel的流言

就play with it! 在搭配素素的衣服上 可以跳脫出一些鮮豔的造型

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