Saturday, 25 July 2009

ahhh.. ahhh.. ahhh..alice in wonderland by tim burton

: cyanatrendland

oh my god... the movie that i've waited since it's on production is finally released trailer
look at the custom and styling !!! i really can't wait to see the alice in wonderland by tim burton

i searched for the trailer for a long time, youtube is just full of film clips called official alice by wonderland by tim burton, but actually are all self-edited ones, or posted but got removed later..

here is the trailer

: furla

alice in wonderland is really popular inspiration
the mv 'what you waiting for' is another good example of using alice in wonderland as inspiration ( click here for music video / full version )

furla collaborates with leitmotiv for furla 'alice in wonderland' capsule collection, created by fabio sasso and juan caro..

i like it how they use alice in wonderland as inspiration, but using their way to present it. so it doesn't really look like alice in wonderland at the first glance..

像是gwen stefani的what you waiting for的mv就是一個例子

現在furla和leitmotiv一起合作了一款alice in wonderland的collection 也是以這個有名的兒童故事作為題材
我喜歡的是他們以他們獨特的方式呈現,而讓人不會乍看之下就覺得是alice in wonderland

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