Friday, 31 July 2009

lily allen + chanel handbag

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wow, what is going on here.... first modonna is fronting for louis vuitton handbag, and now... lily allen with chanel??!!

when i first heard she is going to be fronting chanel's handbag campaign,
i thought this much be a fun combination: a pop star and luxury couture brand, especially chanel always project a sophisticated, classic and elegant image... who will ever come up with the idea of inviting a young pop star to represent the brand.

when the images came out, it is quite good actually..
lily allen is like a playful princess with diamond coronet, ruffled collar-band or wrist accessory, but also add some personality by styling with sunglasses and leather blazer..

the new sportswear bag and accessory line of chanel is called chanel cocoon and it will be launch on october 3rd..

i quite like the big puffy handbag, but if i only got limited budget, i will save up some more for a quilt leather chanel signature purse, of course~

什麼..繼瑪丹娜為LV拍攝兩季的平面廣告後,現在lily allen這個英國流行歌手要幫香奈爾拍攝他們新的運動系列(chanel cocoon)的平面廣告!

其實當這些照片在27號出來的時候,感覺就是lily allen是個淘氣的公主: 鑽石的頭冠,套裝,褶飾的領口和手環都有帶出了香奈爾的經典;然後又以墨鏡和皮製套裝外套營造種有個性的態度,這些造就了香奈爾和pop star- lily allen 的2009香奈爾春夏平面的大融合

chanel cocoon會在十月三號開始販售,喜歡這個系列(或它的價格)的人,趕快買一個吧

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