Saturday, 25 July 2009

stella mccartney in disney land

: cyana

just talked about alice in wonderland,
here is another key inspiration in contemporary fashion - disney land characters
high street retailer, such as urban outfitter, uni clo, even next, have used childhood cartoon character for fashion products

and designer now also starting extended into this trend..
shoppers who ever went pass stella mccartney's store on bruton st can see its cute window display, the window is packed with toys.. this ad campaign featured disney character, bambi, is absolutely cool.. it projected a girly, romantic but also maintain sexiness.. very stella mccartney style..

剛剛我們說了alice in wonderland是很好的題材
其實和disney的簽約製作各家品牌的disney tshirt已經不是大件事

有來過英國stella mccartney的店面的人
真的很有stella mccartney的個性

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