Wednesday, 29 July 2009

chanel model can eat and taiwanese model can't

: id magazine february 2009

i haven't posted anything for 3 days..
actually there are bits and pieces that i wanted to post (like my new moccasin, sandra bucklund, some styling ideas..)
and i do still regularly read fashion news everyday
but there's lack of motivation to do anything..
i think it's because i want to post something about d&g set up a branding website, but i lost the link and can't find it no matter what.. and this is the news i want to post more than anything else

anyway, today i saw a news about an interview of freja beha erichsen for w magazineon the internet. what she said makes me want to post it up here coz i think it is quite amusing..

"at most shows, they don't actually feed us that much, but at chanel there's a full buffet and everything is really good." she said

the reason why i want to posst is because i just saw a tv talk show which was talking about models and their weight control. an executive of a model agency in taiwan commented that a model should totally strictly control their weight. it will be lack of profession and is not respecting modeling as a career. another model mentioned that she was condemned that she was fat as hell, and from what i can see, she is very skinny compared with general.

i don't see models on chanel shows are fat as hell. i know when you want people work for you and present as best as they can, you have to make them happy first. food, especially delicious food, is always the best treat! (definitely not a comment like being fat as hell)

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