Sunday, 30 August 2009

boot trend- buckle & zipper

: net-a-porter, colette, barneys

had a wonderful trip in hk, with delicious food and all the shopping places..
i am so envy that ppl who live in hk can shop at those marvelous designer stores or stores that carries variety of designer brands!!

anyway, here is the boot trend which is all over the place now, buckle and zipper are the main element. rock n' roll is the major trend at the moment, all the studs shoes(miu miu and balmain also got stud shoes) and these heavy metal style boots can create the look...

love the alexander wang boot!!!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

topshop jackets rock


went to topshop the other day... i could only say they got a whole package of must-haves there!!!

i saw some really great jackets and blazers in store.. love the embroidered jacket and velvet blazer (vintage look), also the givenchy-inspired jacket and the sheer fabric balzer~

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

fashion random

great style with over-knee high boot!!!!

i never really like over-knee high boot.. but this one is really absolutely stunning.

martin margiela disco shoe!!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

photographed by karl lagerfeld

: haper's bazzard us

: numbero

since last time i posted maison michel's collection which photographed by karl, i saw several more photos are surprisingly found that were photographed by karl lagerfeld as well!!

several luxury brand's creative directors involved and bring art into their own brand. what i like uncle karl's work is his photos present elegant, classic and sophisticated, and differ from over-state, edgy and extravagant piece, his work is very comfortable and simple..

threaded knitwear

: streetstyle

is this threaded knitwear an evolution style from the ripped tights style?

lovely nail polish in high st. store

wow.. check those out..
i believe all you guys already have some of those summer color nail polish
and galz often wear those cute color with their sandals in this warm summer days in london..
here are some more tempting options for you!
dah-lah~ collection2000 hot look nail polish range
it is super quick dry and it is super cheap..
each is priced £1.75
this season is all about 80's
so grab a few at your local boots, superdrug or tesco for your 80 look!

Monday, 17 August 2009

rodarte by mark walsh and leslie chin / qeelin gold fish

: colette
what is this?? what is this?? ah!!!!! rodarte!!!! i want one!!!

: colette
goldfish goldfish!!!! going to get a goldfish tattoo, so i need a goldfish pendent too!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

revillon fur coat

: colette

i've been craving for a fur coat for a long time.. and revillon's fur coats are definitely sexy and trendy!! fur is undoubted one of the most hottest trend now.. but i am a bit worried to wear it on the street.. i've seen some really nice and inexpensive fur coats @ wow retro and i really want to buy one!! haven't seen many people wearing fur coat in london, so i keep this thought on hold... i've made my decision to buy one @ wow retro when i saw these cut fur coat( these are priced 5400euros, i can only afford £50 but very nice fur coat.)

一直很想要有一個皮草外套,今天看到這些revillon 性感又新潮的皮草外套,又讓我燃起想買皮草的慾望。因為在倫敦不常看到有人穿皮草,我也很怕會被潑油漆潑汽水黏口香糖阿...所以一直不敢買.. revillon的皮草外套一件歐元5400,我在covert garden的wow retro可以買到好看又便宜的皮草,50鎊!!

sexy denim

: shopbop

shopbop put together a denim trend which includes marble denim, moto denim, faded black denim and studded zipped denim. they look absolutely sexy with alexander wang's boot(fall 2009)..

shopbop整理出牛仔褲的trend,搭配alexander wang的靴子真的非常sexy又俐落!

wildfox at boutique to you

: boutique to you


購物名單上的東西刪了又填 填了又再加
現在經濟蕭條,各個舉凡精品店,網路商店或是平價時裝零售都大大的標示further discount..
30%到50%到70% off...
bernard willhelm打三折!!! ysl 外套打對折!!!
有這雙涼鞋就可以配我所有的洋裝,但是我想要一個oxford shoe搭配我的balenciaga的絲襪
今天去b store 又看到想買的洋裝和項鍊!!!
我還可以go on and on and on..


今天po的wildfox t shirt.. 是 不 是 很 可 愛
在四月的時候看到他們的look book..早已鎖定粉紅色黑心背心還有邪惡笑臉

Friday, 14 August 2009

barbara | igongini

: official website

an other denmark talented designer/artist!! barbara igongini definitely created an excellent mixture of fashion and art.. i always love experimental fashion design. some of her design is totally wearable and present strong personality...

her design is stunning!! she has 2 womenswear lines: 'i-regular' is more experimental and conceptual design, with more complicated layers, drapes and construction. the other line is called 'regualer'. this is more commercial line with more simple but still maintain her signature and original detail..

barbara igongini是另一個丹麥的設計師,他的理念就是希望結合藝術與時尚,常常和藝廊,音樂,攝影或電影等做合作並從中得到設計的靈感...這就是他所呈現出來的"藝術時裝"。


creature of comfort final 2 weeks sale

Thursday, 13 August 2009

lace trim

: internet

i went to b store the other day, saw another dress and a necklace that i crave for!! however, this is not the topic here.. i saw a lace top on one of the b store staff and i've been paying attention to lace.. here are some pictures that i gathered for this trend..

我最近一直都在注意蕾絲的東西... 昨天去逛街的時候,看到店員穿一件整個蕾絲的上衣,更加讓我想要po一些蕾絲的東西上來。上面是一些最近蒐集給這個主題的照片,幾乎都是蕾絲滾邊,並不是大片蕾絲單品...我期待一些像上次我po的 kate moss的整件蕾絲上衣..不過蕾絲的搭配也是很挑戰性,有些像餐桌布,或睡衣,或老氣...都是對蕾絲卻步的原因.. well... fashion is fun, quirky and dare to be individual, 所以給自己多點搭配的選擇,慢慢自己的風格就會出來摟..

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

sci-fi dress

: hartmann nordenholz

: alexander wang fall 2009

i do think this skeleton cutout dresses have sci-fi mood. some reader asked me why do i think the ankle shoe in my last post is categorized as a futuristic, si-fi look.. i cannot come up with the answer right away, but today i finally remembered the reason!

我真的覺得這個挖剪骨架式的衣服有種科幻的感覺..有讀者問我為什麼上一篇我說那個ankle strip鞋子有未來感..但是當時我只是有這種感覺,一直想不出為什麼..

ha ha~ leeloo from the fifth element(1997)... ring the bell?? alrite, maybe some of you doesn't agree my point, but the strip outfit in the fifth element is the reason behind my last topic..

噹噹~就是第五元素的leeloo!! 可能有些人不認同我的看法吧,可是她裡面的前衛的條狀衣服,就是讓我覺得這類的設計元素有種未來感... beyonce 的mv- sweet dream裡面也有這種cutout洋裝,也是很有科幻的感覺..

Monday, 10 August 2009

ankle strip..

:acne summer 2010

: oak nyc (kris van assche.. l.o.v.e. i.t.!!!!!!)

gladiator inspired sandals were pretty much all over the place in last summer.. this summer i saw the trend is moving into a bit futuristic mood.. except the one i mentioned in prior post, the peep toe style, here is the other one i reckon it will be one of this summer's hottest trend - ankle stripe sandals/heel..