Wednesday, 12 August 2009

sci-fi dress

: hartmann nordenholz

: alexander wang fall 2009

i do think this skeleton cutout dresses have sci-fi mood. some reader asked me why do i think the ankle shoe in my last post is categorized as a futuristic, si-fi look.. i cannot come up with the answer right away, but today i finally remembered the reason!

我真的覺得這個挖剪骨架式的衣服有種科幻的感覺..有讀者問我為什麼上一篇我說那個ankle strip鞋子有未來感..但是當時我只是有這種感覺,一直想不出為什麼..

ha ha~ leeloo from the fifth element(1997)... ring the bell?? alrite, maybe some of you doesn't agree my point, but the strip outfit in the fifth element is the reason behind my last topic..

噹噹~就是第五元素的leeloo!! 可能有些人不認同我的看法吧,可是她裡面的前衛的條狀衣服,就是讓我覺得這類的設計元素有種未來感... beyonce 的mv- sweet dream裡面也有這種cutout洋裝,也是很有科幻的感覺..

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