Sunday, 16 August 2009

revillon fur coat

: colette

i've been craving for a fur coat for a long time.. and revillon's fur coats are definitely sexy and trendy!! fur is undoubted one of the most hottest trend now.. but i am a bit worried to wear it on the street.. i've seen some really nice and inexpensive fur coats @ wow retro and i really want to buy one!! haven't seen many people wearing fur coat in london, so i keep this thought on hold... i've made my decision to buy one @ wow retro when i saw these cut fur coat( these are priced 5400euros, i can only afford £50 but very nice fur coat.)

一直很想要有一個皮草外套,今天看到這些revillon 性感又新潮的皮草外套,又讓我燃起想買皮草的慾望。因為在倫敦不常看到有人穿皮草,我也很怕會被潑油漆潑汽水黏口香糖阿...所以一直不敢買.. revillon的皮草外套一件歐元5400,我在covert garden的wow retro可以買到好看又便宜的皮草,50鎊!!

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