Saturday, 8 August 2009

the new shirt

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: psfk

for those who interested in textile design or fabric development majored students, bless collaborate with sportswear producer 'oxbow' and designed 3 pieces of skolpen.

according to psfk, skolpen is a classic knitted ski pullover from the 80's. bless is famed by its avant-garde, edgy design, it's one of my best friend's favorite. what make this collaboration special is they translated the graphic into 3d anaglyph mountain motive. it is said the 3d graphic can be viewed through the red/green glasses that shown on pic 1.

the other design is a genius piece of work called 'a mixed skolpen.' it is made by a mix of knitted garments, and created a piece with many different layers including detachable scarf, roll-down nylon sleeve and hood, pocket and windbreaking backparts(according to bless website).

i love those particularly the mix knitted top/dress. share to you all.



另一個是我非常喜歡的一件,叫a mixed skolpen,特色是用很多不同的紡織布料拼成的。很多拼織衣看起來稍嫌雜亂,感覺像是拼貼布亂組合成的。但是bless這一件可以看到它袖子部份是設計為可拆式,圍巾也是可拆式的,這增加了搭配上的趣味性,而且衣服看起來也蠻有個性的。

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