Thursday, 13 August 2009

lace trim

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i went to b store the other day, saw another dress and a necklace that i crave for!! however, this is not the topic here.. i saw a lace top on one of the b store staff and i've been paying attention to lace.. here are some pictures that i gathered for this trend..

我最近一直都在注意蕾絲的東西... 昨天去逛街的時候,看到店員穿一件整個蕾絲的上衣,更加讓我想要po一些蕾絲的東西上來。上面是一些最近蒐集給這個主題的照片,幾乎都是蕾絲滾邊,並不是大片蕾絲單品...我期待一些像上次我po的 kate moss的整件蕾絲上衣..不過蕾絲的搭配也是很挑戰性,有些像餐桌布,或睡衣,或老氣...都是對蕾絲卻步的原因.. well... fashion is fun, quirky and dare to be individual, 所以給自己多點搭配的選擇,慢慢自己的風格就會出來摟..

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