Sunday, 2 August 2009

ballantyne capsule collection with louise goldin

: ballantyne fall 2009

: louis goldin ss 09

wow wow.. another collab capsule collection.. it seems like collaboration not just a way to attract attention, but also inject new ideas as well as keep the brand fresh to consumer, particularly in this recession period.

ballantyne is famed by using the todd & duncan's first-rate cashmere, now they are going to work with the knitwear designer - louis goldin. a mixture of a tradition luxury cashmere company and a edgy designer, it will definitely be one of the most popular talk in the industry.

40 pieces collection is expected to be launched during this coming london fashion week. can't wait to see!!

頂級cashmere百年老店ballantyne要和作風銳利大膽的louis goldin合作了!以ballantyne使用的頂級cashmere加上louis goldin的創意設計,相信絕對可以帶來轟動。

他們的合作會持續到2010年的秋冬,而最新一季40件的collection會在今年的london fashion week發表,真的拭目以待..

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