Thursday, 6 August 2009

rodarte + target's go international

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code: 55, 12/20, 9.99, what comes to mind??

yes, target capsule collection with redarte is launching 55 pieces on dec. 20 with affordable and tempting price range from $9.99~$79.99.

i saw this yesterday, but i was too tired to post anything after work, and there was no big noise about it. but this morning, this is all over the fashion blog and news already!

it's an exciting yet a bit doubtful collaboration mix. what an avant-garde luxury-priced designer, like redarte, can create for a budget retailer store. what joshua thomas, a target spokesman said solved my question. 'what you'll notice is an amazing eye for detail, it's a very feminine, yet very modern.' he said, 'there are stand-alone pieces and pieces that can be worn together to create an ensemble by layering different patterns, textures and prints.'

i wasn't aware of target's go collection until this collaboration with rodarte. i was amazed by their past guest designers, erin fetherston, jovovich-hawk, rogan, thakoon and several more. collaboration is really hot right now. i think what differ target from other retailers like h&m is they don't collaborate with big names, but those independent and having strong personality designers. this creates good differentiation in the industry.

i will definitely be looking forward to this rodarte collection and i have to set this in my calendar, so i can quickly grab some of those fab and affordable pieces.

rodarte和美國平價大賣場 target合作了一系列55件單品,價格從$9.99到$79.99。將會在12月20號開始在網站和店面販售。

我很驚訝target 的go international系列從2006就開始,不同於h&m和大品牌設計師合作,他們都是選跟一些新銳設計師像thakoon,erin fetherston,還有很多獨立設計師jovovich-hawk, rogan等配合..這和一般許多和設計師合作的品牌相較起來更增添了差異和獨特性。

(天阿 我好土 怎麼想出這個cliché的話)

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