Tuesday, 30 June 2009

im in turkey

hey guys..

im in turkey to get out of windy london for 2 weeks~~(i need some sunshine)

not all of the pension i stay got internet service,
or i got no much time to update fashion news and post them

i will post up some nice turkey photos when i get back to london on 9th july(not about fashion tho..haha)

see you guys later~~


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

today is very hot!!

going to turkey tmr!!!

today is a perfect day for final shopping for turkey trip..

shirt jacket from oaknyc
top is paul & joe sister
short is diesel
necklace is what i bought at b store sale
bag is mm11
shoe is rachel comey


i posted the picture i showed to the hair dresser here..
it's a guy.. but i think it's kind of unisex hair style..
don't you think?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

09 fall trend: architectural silhouette

shimmery layers

shoulder cut

round round round

09 fall trend: fur

09 fall trend: beads and sequins

09 fall trend: shoulder emphasis

this is the shoulder emphasis trend that i collection from autumn winter run way
it took a lot of time to crop these photos

this season, balenciaga, marc jacob, d&g, chanel and karl lagerfeld used this element in their collection

moving from military jacket in past season, this season like chanel includes some military buttons jacket and blended in shoulder pad into the look.. it gives a sharp, elegant but also feminine style..
marc jacob fall 09 appeals strong 80's inspired, the shoulder pad with 80's hair style, also colorful and metallic fabrics shows another fun creation of marc jacob...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

09 fall trend: 80's insipred

it is not a new idea that this season is inspired by 80's..
it not that i am a big fan of mc hammer
but i strongly think i saw a lot of mc hammer style in recent trend
'big shoulder pad, hammer pant, colorful outfit'

this reminds me one scene in the movie 'sex and the city'
carrie was having a wardrobe catwalk while she was packing her stuffs with her best friends
she wear a similar shoulder detail like i post above
i called it alien dress.. haha.. a bit futuristic element there

Saturday, 20 June 2009

csm graduation show

sorry if the photo was not very clear..
i just quickly asked my roommate to take a photo for me

a white top with a wrap jumper from all saints
mm4 trouser and rachel comey's sandal...
bag is mm11

i got my new haircut

today i went to selfridge sale with one of my best friend and moi lovely bf

i wear
:: a jacket-shirt that i bought at oak nyc
:: h&m black skinny jeans
:: gap white t-shirt
:: collection blue knitted vest
(in order to make the look more layers and not so dull)
:: cath kidson shoe
:: all saints giant bag

yawn~ good night

Thursday, 18 June 2009

coco chanel street look

: street look

i saw these high waisted pant street look and even though it was the trend in 08
but i still think high waisted pant can show some kind of urban elegant, sophisticated look

it reminds me one of audrey tautou's blue hight waisted pant in the chanel no.5 perfume film

a magazine curated by proenza schouler a#9

: a magazine

a magazine 是一個半年刊的雜誌

a magazine 一共會出刊10本
所以才會特別注意a magazine


woo... jimmy choo for h&m??!!!

wow!!! h&m 和服裝設計師合作還不夠
現在拓展觸角到shoe designer- jimmy choo!!!

the collection will launch around november(i believe it will be 14th november)
i think there will be long queue out side of h&m stores again
and a lot of our college students will skip their morning class(like i did when they launch comme des garcon... sorry bill!!)

滿街又會是jimmy choo+h&m shopping bag..

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

ohne title a/w 09

: ohne title

i was kind of surprised they are american designers
their deconstructed design reminds me a lot like europe design style

i particularly like the leather jacket with a wrapping detail at the neck
quite a lot of designers use long leather boots this season
i like how they style baggy trouser with the leather boot
gives a sharp, masculine look

hooked fishnet jean


i posted a street look the other day..

and here is the jean that found at karmaloop.com

hope you like it..

Monday, 15 June 2009

n i c o l a f i n e t t i

: nicola finetti

actually quite a few of my favorite designers are australia based
camilla&marc, something else, bec&bridge, gripp jeans, sosume...
today, i found another designer that i like...
and.. he is also a designer in australia now...

nicola finetti, his design is feminine, modern and romantic..
born in italy and studied architecture in rome
his design philosophy is creating a strong contrasts, such as black-white, detailed-plain

像是camilla&marc, something else, bec&bridge, gripp jeans, sosume
今天又發現一個牌子叫nicola finetti

像他的名字finetti... 沒錯...他就是義大利人


henrik vibskov style creation

: v store

this is a style creation that i did based on henrik vibskov collection
i always like his quirky, geometric and deconstruction design..
v store carries most of henrik vibskov's clothes

in order to merchandise up and add some fun to the look,
i included this lovely bless fur ear phone and opening ceremony red shoe
this fur ear phone is absolutely cute and a must-have item!!! ( guys, can i have it for my birthday present?? )

anyway.. hope you guys like it

bless fur ear phone €174
henrik vibskov €175
henrik vibskov shirt €175
henrik vibskov legging €55
opening ceremony €230
這是我在v store挑出來配成一套的衣服
主要是以henrik vibskov的商品為主


celebrity look - print

: vogue.com

remember i posted a topic about print dress few days ago?
it is really one of the main style element for this summer..

here's some celebrity looks at vogue.com which i picked for this specific topic..

這是一些我蠻喜歡的celebrity look
重點是這個夏天流行的元素 - 印花

topshop就可以看到 但是我沒有非常喜歡

也不會有種髒髒的 或是有腿染到顏色的種感覺出現

Sunday, 14 June 2009

aussie fashion online shop - whistles

good'ay mate!!

today, i found this fashion online shop called whistles..
i first thought it was the uk high st retail - whistles.co.uk
and kind of going to skip to next..
but wait!! whistles carries camilla & marc's collection???!!!

after i browse through the designers whistles carrying and their styling,
i decided to share this lovely australian fashion online store to all of you..

they are a boutique with quite limited designers numbers
but it looks like they got a select, cherry-picked clothes for their store:
quirky, eccentric with personality

the styling and look-book type of images are also add a lot of selling points for their store, except i would like to see some more product detail, like zoom in function
i often found some online stores' images are so unattractive which resulted in great discount and remaining stocks..

overall, i like this store a lot, however it's a bit pricey.. but some of their clothes are quite unique.. so if there's anything that i really like.. i will still buy..

Saturday, 13 June 2009

sequence sequence.. shinny shinny bling bling..

: topshop

sequin crop tank by manhhaten doll £28
leopard sequin mini skirt by manhhaten doll £35

superflat first love - takashi murakami + louis vuitton

: bagcraze louis vuitton omotesando store

plz also check new film clip 'superflat first love' @ youtube

you may also like prada+james jean collaboration animation film ' trembled bloosem '

for those who like takashi murakami.. he is setting up an animation studio in LA, and plz check a short film clip from his studio called ' kaikai & kiki animation '

all of those can be found on youuuuuutubbbbbe...

還記得六年前那個louise vuitton可愛的村上隆multi-monogram的卡通短片嗎
fantastic plastic machine的歌是不是很可愛...

然後又被lv 熊貓吃掉...

我想他會命名叫superflat first love
小女孩長大了 會想要戀愛的感覺
很多幻想很多色彩 和lv吃人熊貓一起玩的感覺有分別
只是看完有一點點失望 和上一隻比起來.. 概念的呈現我覺得可以更特別一點
(這這只是我的感覺而已.. 如果大家覺得還是很棒..那太棒了...太棒了... )

ahhhh!!! alexander wang fall 2009 accessory

: bags pix from alexander wang fall 2009 accessory lookbook

hey guys...

i finally managed to use photoshop to edit images
and here it is~~~
my photoshop skill is still so lamed that i can't create the same background color

but anyway... check those bags out!!
who won't want one of alexander wang's bag...
i saw couple of his fall 2009 accessory collection at bagcraze blog
this is the first time to see the full collection
and they are absolutely too tempting to be resisted

here i only select ones that i like from this collection
to see the full collection, plz check alexander wang's official website

this fall, he still included zipper hobo but with different color ways..
i was going to buy the black one as im not interested in denim, red and brown color in summer collection
but look at this grey marble zipper hobo!!!!
the studded 'IT' bag and the drawstring sac bag are also amazing..

alexander wang fans... ready?? set... GO!