Thursday, 11 June 2009

people's market aw09 preview

: highsnobette

here's a small preview for people's market aw09
i reckon their collection is stylish with affordable price
i loved several of their silk dresses with ruffle neckline or some detail design in 08aw
number 22 @ westfield & canaby st. carries their collection

說到people's market 是不是就想到他那個可愛的樣似骷魯頭的logo
每次看到他們那些色彩豐富的skinny jeans都覺得愛不釋手

這次他秋冬女裝看起來 飾品是個很重要的角色
people's market又有時候愛用我最愛的silk,然後領口用ruffle或一些detail設計

westfield 和 canaby st.的 number 22 就可以買到他們的衣服

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