Thursday, 11 June 2009

oh my god! i need to get studded

: tfs

: topshop

remember i mentioned in my blog that this season, stud is a very popular fashion element...
but you don't want to make yourself look like a heavy metal rock singer...(no offense..)

so check these out...
oh! my! god!
a top(or jacket) with studded on the elbow!!!!
can anyone tell me where i can buy one of this!!!!! plz!!

the other day, i saw this lovely owl studded top at topshop website
my eyes went 'ding' (i have to buy it, no matter wut)
so i decided to buy it after i came back from college

anyway... it went out of stock when i got home
i was pretty upset for several days
and made my boyfriend to go to topshop oxford circus to check the stock
but they don't have it in store...
so...... (sob) hope you enjoy the share...


  1. Hiya, just in case you're not aware of this, the t-shirt with the motif of a studded owl is NOT Topshop's own item. It's by a brand called "Realitee", independent of Topshop. As you already know, Topshop carries various clothes brands, and Realitee is just one of them. So maybe you might have better luck searching for the said t-shirt from different stockists of Realitee, other than within Topshop. Good luck. :-)

  2. yes.. i've searched and found Realitee website right after found it out of stock at Topshop website.. Realitee is a fashion company based in LA, California... and guess what.. they only have phone number and fax on their website.. not even an email that i can write to... (sigh..)

  3. Ah I see, you already went down that route but, unlikely, to no avail. It looks like eBay might be the final solution. Hope you'd have better luck. :)