Sunday, 14 June 2009

aussie fashion online shop - whistles

good'ay mate!!

today, i found this fashion online shop called whistles..
i first thought it was the uk high st retail -
and kind of going to skip to next..
but wait!! whistles carries camilla & marc's collection???!!!

after i browse through the designers whistles carrying and their styling,
i decided to share this lovely australian fashion online store to all of you..

they are a boutique with quite limited designers numbers
but it looks like they got a select, cherry-picked clothes for their store:
quirky, eccentric with personality

the styling and look-book type of images are also add a lot of selling points for their store, except i would like to see some more product detail, like zoom in function
i often found some online stores' images are so unattractive which resulted in great discount and remaining stocks..

overall, i like this store a lot, however it's a bit pricey.. but some of their clothes are quite unique.. so if there's anything that i really like.. i will still buy..

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