Sunday, 12 February 2012

kirsten dunst on vogue italian

kirsten dunst's new fashion shoot for vogue italian is just stunning... her unique, quirky personality makes her one of my fav actress.. still remember saw her film, melancholia by lars von trier, a very poetic and beautiful movie that talks abt the end of the world with different angle..

i guess kirsten dunst is the perfect model for lula magazine.. not like some tacky models or actresses, i think she add some quality and uniqueness to the image, even tho my hubby doesn't have much positive feedback to her.. saying she got some problematic lifestyle.. well, who doesn't have a problematic lifestyle in hollywood..(duh~)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Finally back to fashion

finally.... after over a year, i completed my master degree at christie's, major in modern and contemporary.. master course was not easy at all so i had to temporarily give up on my fashion blog.. then i got married which took another few months to plan my i finally got time to sit down and update those fab fashion news.. there are a lot of catch-ups to do.. so stay tune~

alrite, recently i've been addicted to my best friend's online store: project happy ending... particularly a series of yarnz scarfs that she carried.. when i open my winter wardrobe, usually is full of main trio colour/ blk, grey, white /.. therefore, some accessory with bright colour can make a lot of difference to the look, also can brighten up your mood oh~

absolutely love elizabeth olsen's jacket.. so cute!!!!!!!!!!