Friday, 10 February 2012

Finally back to fashion

finally.... after over a year, i completed my master degree at christie's, major in modern and contemporary.. master course was not easy at all so i had to temporarily give up on my fashion blog.. then i got married which took another few months to plan my i finally got time to sit down and update those fab fashion news.. there are a lot of catch-ups to do.. so stay tune~

alrite, recently i've been addicted to my best friend's online store: project happy ending... particularly a series of yarnz scarfs that she carried.. when i open my winter wardrobe, usually is full of main trio colour/ blk, grey, white /.. therefore, some accessory with bright colour can make a lot of difference to the look, also can brighten up your mood oh~

absolutely love elizabeth olsen's jacket.. so cute!!!!!!!!!!

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