Saturday, 8 August 2009

ankle sock

: alexa chung
: chloe sevigny

: something else ss 09

i've always want to post a topic about ankle sock styling like the pix shown above..
i think it's quite challenging to style with ankle sock when you wear shorts, short skirt or dress, because... i don't know.. maybe it's my own stereotype toward oriental out-fashioned country girl.. they wear ankle socks as well (like the pic below)... so i think it is not easy to style with ankle sock.. hahaha.. perhaps, it's only my own issue.

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常常會看到alexa chung的造型搭配短襪,看起來蠻俏皮的,然後something else則是搭配高跟涼鞋居然看起來格外的些西!! 這邊po上來給大家分享一些我喜歡的短襪搭配.. 附上我剛剛所說得俗氣鄉下小姑娘的造型 哈

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