Friday, 14 August 2009

barbara | igongini

: official website

an other denmark talented designer/artist!! barbara igongini definitely created an excellent mixture of fashion and art.. i always love experimental fashion design. some of her design is totally wearable and present strong personality...

her design is stunning!! she has 2 womenswear lines: 'i-regular' is more experimental and conceptual design, with more complicated layers, drapes and construction. the other line is called 'regualer'. this is more commercial line with more simple but still maintain her signature and original detail..

barbara igongini是另一個丹麥的設計師,他的理念就是希望結合藝術與時尚,常常和藝廊,音樂,攝影或電影等做合作並從中得到設計的靈感...這就是他所呈現出來的"藝術時裝"。


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