Monday, 12 October 2009

trend re-cap ∥ pee-ka-toe & cutoff trend

i posted something about this trend in july (see pee-ka-poo
in 2010 ss show, this shoe that "showing front toes" style can be seen at most of the shows

之前我spot pee-ka-toe的style.. (參考 : pee-ka-poo
2010 春夏秀,pee-ka-toe在許多的秀都有出現..

註解: pee-ka-po的toes 就是pee-ka-toe,我自己發明的,噗

as well as these cutoff style is spotted at several major designer's show..(see : cutoff trend

其實這次春夏的秀有非常多cutoff(挖剪)的設計,是09秋冬設計的延伸 (參考: cutoff trend

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