Monday, 14 December 2009

balmain tornado

::: rihanna & victoria beckham

::: michael jackson(god of fashion) & hong kong actress carina lou

::: beyonce & taiwanese singer - a-mit

::: oak nyc velvet jacket for $110

::: pixie market pointy jacket for $412(sold out)

breaking news!! powerful tornado-balmain is violently ruling fashion world

some trend is just a fad, last for 1~2 months and got replaced by evolved style or totally different trend... but some trend can be influencial which became an inspiration of the season, espeically when it also comes with hola of celebritiez.

franch eccentric luxury brand - balmain itself is a killer... ( one of my favorite designer!!!!)
edgy design with unfriendly price shows its distinctive target customer: rich ppl with style
stylish, trendy and glamous with highly recognizable signature is one of the reason created balmain tornado in fashion.

a-list celeb-fashionistas, michael jackson, kate moss, rihanna, beyonce, gwyneth paltrow and lilo all wear balmain military jacket... oriental fashionable actress, carina lou, also attend events with its jacket or dress.. a-mit finally got a stylist with taste and surprisingly dress her with a balmain jacket.

a jacket priced 3grand~8grand something is not affordable for average ppl, an inspired one is always an option, zara 09aw has one!! (please see zara lookbook) also provided some other options from my favorites online stores: oaknyc n' pixie market

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