Thursday, 12 November 2009

barneys wants you have a witty holiday

online magazine is a must-have for online fashion stores, net-a-porter or also publishes their own magazine on their websites.

what i like barneys' mag is it's doesn't have many pages to browse through, big picture with simple buzz word or brand name. it also allows you to switch to the purchase page by just clicked the picture on the mag page.

i reckon an attractive and interesting online mag is to show what your online store got(using decent, beautiful photos), or seeking inspirations from stunning styling created by the online store. it's about visual impact. not really want to read some wordy text or boring commercial ads.


我喜歡barneys的時尚雜誌是因為他沒有冗長的頁數,並且圖片吸引人又大,排版簡單。其實我們想看的這種時尚雜誌最重要的就是 - 藉由如看雜誌漂亮的照片般來看能夠在這個網站買到什麼樣的商品,或是從照片上尋找一些打扮的巧思。其實就是以視覺取勝,並不是想看小又嘮叨的文字或是一頁又一頁的商業廣告... 如果我們想看這些,我們會去看實體雜誌吧!

給我圖片!!like barneys!!

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