Thursday, 17 September 2009

nicholas petrou | 2010/SS | the styling

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had few weeks holiday since left london and back to taiwan, i know fashion week has been started. but i just don't want to open my fashion links folder, instead i indulged myself in my a/c bedroom(taiwan is hot as 35~38 degree and humid), lying in my bed and holding a tv program and remote control.. time goes fast, 3 weeks went past and i started to feel bored by my couch potato life..

so here i am.. sorry that i didn't update my blog for so long~ i came up with some ideas of exploring some taiwan street fashion, cool items and boutiques and i will post them all in my blog. meanwhile i will post some inspirational image that i like (as i heard several of you like the images that i got in my blog)..

this is nicholas petrou 2010 ss show and styled by robbie spencer.. i love the styling idea!! the stud sandal is fab! it first appeals to me like a bunch of blue man got pattern decoration.. i think it moves away the feeling that only hotties look good in designer outfit.. margiela also had model masked in his past collection show. sometimes the face of model will influence the mood of the outfit, at least it happens to me, and this surly avoids that impression...

荒廢了我的blog好久,自從回到台灣之後,每天就賴在我的空調房間裡,從民視轉到台灣藝術台,在重新從民視再轉到台灣藝術台(好像是第97台之類的)。終於在厭倦癱瘓的三週後,開始在一間叫colette的蛋糕店&我的ipod,重新整理目前最重要的fashion week。除此之外,我還想找台中∥台北小店的一些單品還有台灣一些boutique的介紹...

第一篇就是用nicholas petrou 2010 春夏的秀作為序幕。第一篇就要來點不同的嘛,即不是我blog主要cover的女裝,而且這篇重點是在造型。這個造型是由robbie spencer設計的。我乍看之下,會覺得像一群做身體彩繪的blue man,margiela之前的走秀也有類似的面罩造型。有時候我會覺得model本身有時會影響服裝的感覺,又像男裝,我會覺得只有雕刻派帥哥(就是每個都很像雕像般立體的線條)才搭配得起設計師服裝.. 那這樣的造型的確去除了那樣的錯覺...

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